Dj Cocheze



Cody, more commonly known as DJ Cocheze, is most notable for his contributions to Hip Hop. However, once you speak with him directly, you’ll know he’s a versatile musician – having a genuine love for every genre of music.

Originally from a musical family, Cody expresses himself through music. In the past 10 years he has spent his time touring the world, DJing in places like Europe, Japan, and Africa. A few of those years were spent backing up one of Hip Hop’s most influential artists: KRS One.
The art of rocking a party is Cocheze’s speciality, and trust me, wether it be 100 or 10000 people, everyone leaves happy. He plays clubs and special events across the country, and continues to be a resident DJ at many Bay Area clubs, underground parties and festivals. Although you may think he’s most comfortable spinning Hip Hop, Soul & Funk – he has an extensive library of standards, rock, pop, disco and jazz.